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Perusing Peruvian Textiles

[ad#TEXTLINK] Traditional Peruvian Fabric If you ever visit Peru, there is one traditional market you won’t want to miss out on and that is the Sunday morning traditional market in Chinchero. The market lasts roughly 4 hours between 9am to about 1pm in the afternoon. Here you will find local produce, fruits, vegetables, pots, pans [...]

Traditional Scottish Tartan

[ad#TEXTLINK] Scottish Tartan Skirt For those that have Scottish heritage and would like to purchase a traditional souvenir or two it is easy to find them online. One way to show your pride is to look into tartan scarves. It gets cold in the states just as it does in the UK and they are [...]

Traditional Souvenirs from Malaysia

[ad#TEXTLINK] Traditional Malaysian Bowl Once you visit Malaysia, you are sure to wish that you could bring back some of the warmth and vibrance to cherish for the rest of your life.  Fortunately, there are all kinds of traditional souvenirs that will help you recapture the memories of a vacation in this area.  In fact, [...]

Kimono – Part of the Japanese Culture

[ad#TEXTLINK] Japanese Kimono The kimono has, like the Mexican poncho, had a large influence on global fashion as we know it. This Japanese garment is simply one of those traditional items that has captured the imaginations of designers the world over. Thanks to that inspiration, many fashion houses produce clothing with distinctive kimono flair. However, [...]