Indian Traditional Souvenirs

Traditional Souvenirs to Look for When you Travel to India


Indian Curry Spices
Indian Curry Spices

Are you going to find yourself in India anytime soon?  Do you want to bring home traditional souvenirs, as you do when you go to a land that is far off, but are a little uncertain of what there is to present to all your friends and family upon your return?  You are sure to find that once you are there, available there are so many options that your head may very well spin!  This is a fantastic thing because that means that every one of your friends and family members will be able to have souvenirs to cherish forever.  Any one of the many items unique only to India are sure to be something they will thoroughly enjoy.

If you have any cooks in your family that love more spicy foods, you are sure to easily find an Indian cookbook and some dried spices.  This you can bring home for many traditional dinners at the home front.  Bring these recipes home for truly traditional meals and have fun in the kitchen learning how to make them.  Sometimes it is a wonderful bonding tool–learning to cook–so why would you not want to expand your horizons?

Henna dye is another traditional souvenir to return to. Henna is becoming big in the western world.  It is a good idea to bring home multiple tubes of henna dye so that you can avoid expensive trips to places that do this kind of work on a professional level.  These are great for weddings and other festivities.  Bring back a cultural tradition that is truly out of this world.

Of course, a trip to India is not complete without taking a browse through a busy bazaar.  For one thing, it is essential that you purchase some form of Indian tea, a fundamental element of Indian living.  Don’t neglect to bring home a few boxes of your favourite assortment.  Are you short on time, and can’t make a tea plantation?  Wander until you find yourself at any tourist cut-rate store for cleverly draped teas from all the diverse regions of India.

Incense is a great aspect to India that has even breached the Western world (though it is best to get it from here: incense from India is true incense).  It is used in shrines and temples, and there are hundreds of different scents available.  Couple the sticks with an engraved incense box or mineral incense stand to make a great traditional gift for friends and loved ones at home.

Bangles are the perfect beat for your step when you are in India.  Glass bangles are the most inexpensive, but metal bangles are durable, and can withstand most wear-and-tear.  Scarves, saris, shawls, and carpentry are also great souvenirs.  With all of the great choices of souvenirs to choose from, you cannot go wrong, and it will be an amazing experience to boot!

Indian Traditional Sari
Indian Traditional Sari