Traditional Malaysian Souvenirs

Traditional Souvenirs from Malaysia


Traditional Malaysian Bowl
Traditional Malaysian Bowl

Once you visit Malaysia, you are sure to wish that you could bring back some of the warmth and vibrance to cherish for the rest of your life.  Fortunately, there are all kinds of traditional souvenirs that will help you recapture the memories of a vacation in this area.  In fact, a number of objects that you can choose from can be as easily placed in an office setting as they can your home.

Many people that visit Malaysia choose to bring back objects made from pewter.  As you may be aware, pewter is made from a combination of tin and other metals. Since Malaysia has a number of mines, pewter objects tend to be fairly inexpensive.  When you visit Malaysia you may even be able to watch as artisans pour molten pewter into steel molds.

Depending on your interests, a pewter card holder may be of some use in your office as well as your home.  Chances are, you can find dozens of card holders with interesting and attractive designs on them.  Even if your office does not have an Asian theme to it, these card holders will still fit perfectly.  You may  also want to keep this type of card holder in your home.  While you may not want to fill it with your  own business cards, you can always place ones that you collect from others in the holder.  If you keep this object on your desk, it may be heavy enough to serve as a paperweight, and also easy enough to spot when you are looking for a number that hasn’t made its way into your address book.

A number of people also enjoy shopping for pewter mugs.  If you can find one that matches a card holder, it may make a perfect object to keep pens and pencils in.  Needless to say, if you want a special cup to use for coffee or other beverages, a pewter cup will always have a distinctive look and level of appeal.

Individuals that are looking for something to decorate your home, pewter photo frames and clocks from Malaysia are sure to add a charming accent.  Since you will find a wide variety of themes and sizes, you may even want to purchases one item for every room in your home.  As you learn more about the culture of Malaysia during your visit, you may also want to look for traditional souvenirs made from pewter that remind you of interesting legends or cultural symbols.